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  • Why a lack of communication isn't the problem (Page 25)
  • The ONE single thing that is critical to the success of every single relationship (Page 48).
  • The myth that your past is the reason why you aren't good at relationships (Page 4).
  • ​The fact that human beings are all exactly the same and why knowing this is CRITICAL to relationship (Page 4).
  • The single biggest thing that keeps people stuck in overwhelm and overthinking and how to overcome this (Page 48).
  • ​​​Why being great at is an essential life skill (Page 14).
  • The reason why solving problems is not the way to relationship success and in fact only makes things worse (Page 29).
  • Why you don’t need to be on the same page and have lots of things in common to have a great relationship (Page 31)
  • ​Why judgement and blame are NEVER the answer (Page 42).
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